CEO and management

Lothar Geilen is President and CEO of Opus Group. The CEO is responsible for leading and managing the activities of Opus Group in accordance with the strategy determined by the Board of Directors. The CEO has appointed a Group Management Team which, in addition to himself, consists of Linus Brandt (Vice President and CFO), Magnus Greko (VP Strategic Business Development), Tom Fournier (CTO in Opus Inspection Inc.), Alfredo Granai (President Vehicle Inspection Latin America), Per Rosén (President Vehicle Inspection Europé), Sandra McCulloch (President Vehicle Inspection U.S. & Rest of World) and Helene Carlson (Director of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations). The Group Management Team is responsible for the overall business development and the distribution of financial resources between the business areas as well as the company’s financing and capital structure.

The director’s office address is:

Opus Group AB (publ)
Basargatan 10
SE-411 10 Gothenburg

Lothar Geilen

CEO and President Opus Group AB

Born in 1961.
Employed 2008.

Background: President of Opus Inspection, Inc. (USA) since 2000; President of Sensors, Inc. (USA) 1997-2000, managing member for TriLen LLC and Managing Director for Sensors Europe (Germany) 1987-1997.

Education: Dipl.-Kfm. at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, Germany.

Shareholding in Opus Group AB: 19,609,104.

Number of share options in Opus Group AB: 0.

Linus Brandt

CFO and Executive Vice President

Born in 1966.
Employed 2016.

Background: Executive VP/CFO Mediatec Broadcast Group, CFO Stena Adactum, Partner Arthur Andersen/Deloitte

Current assignments: Board member in Transtema Group AB (publ).

Education: B.Sc. in Business and Economics from Gothenburg School of Economics.

Shareholding in Opus Group AB: 50,000.

Number of share options in Opus Group AB: 400,000.

Magnus Greko

VP Strategic Business Development

Born in 1963.
Employed 1990.

Background: Founder of Opus in 1990 together with the company’s Vice President, Jörgen Hentschel. Worked in the industry since 1984. CEO in Opus Group AB 2006 – 2017.

Current assignments: Board member of AB Kommandoran, Opus Bima AB and Dalfrid Investt AB. Chairman of Systech Sweden AB, Opus Bilprovning AB, Gothia Yachting & Charter AB. Director in Opus Inspection Inc, Opus Inspection (Pvt) Ltd. and Trilen Inc.

Education: Engineering education from Polhemsgymnasiet in Gothenburg 1983.

Shareholding in Opus Group AB: 21,447,542, private and through AB Kommandoran (50 % ownership).

Number of share options in Opus Group AB: 0.

Tom Fournier


Born in 1950.
Employed 2012.

Background: President and founder of Applus Technologies, Inc. (formerly Keating Technologies, Inc.) 1995 – 2006, Vice President Engineering for Envirotest Corporation. 1993-1995. President of Emitest Corporation 1992-1993, President of Sensors Inc. 1989-1992.

Current assignments: President of La Cholla Airpark In. 

Education: Masters of Philosophy from Arizona State University, Bachelors of Business Administration from Cleary University and studied electrical engineering at the University of Michigan.

Shareholding in Opus Group: 97,590.

Number of share options in Opus Group AB: 329,381.


Alfredo R Granai

President Vehicle Inspection Latin America.

Born in 1958.
Employed 2017.

Background: President of Latin America of Depuy Synthes at Johnson & Johnson 2012 – 2016, President of Latin America of Synthes 2001 – 2012. Prior to joining Synthes, Alfredo Granai held various managerial roles of increasing responsibility at F. Hoffman-La Roche (Roche) Fine Chemical Division in marketing and sales, as well as business development, in several countries in Latin America plus Switzerland.

Current position: President Vehicle Inspection Latin America of Opus Inspection Inc.

Education: Chemical Engineer from Rafael Landívar University, Guatemala City. MBA from Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala City.

Shares in Opus Group: 0.

Share options in Opus Group: 0.

Per Rosén

President Vehicle Inspection Europe. CEO Opus Bilprovning AB.

Born in 1966.
Employed 2013.

Background: Former CEO and other senior managerial positions at Upplands Motor Group and marketing manager at Bilia.

Current assignments: CEO of Opus Bilprovning AB and Systech Sweden AB. Board member of Gösta Samuelsson Bil AB, Helmia Bil AB, HELMIA AB, Helmia Lastbilar AB, Gösta Samuelsson Bil Holding AB and PR Management Sweden AB.

Education: Business education from IHM Business School and IFL School of Economics.

Shareholding in Opus Group AB: 231,886.

Number of share options in Opus Group AB: 867,825.

Sandra McCulloch

President Vehicle Inspection U.S. & Rest of World

Born in 1960.
Employed 2017.

Background: Former Executive Director Powertrain Products at Delphi Corp 2014 – 2016; Managing Director / Business Line Executive Powertrain Products at Delphi Corp 2002 – 2014; Managing Director at Delphi Thermal South America 1999 – 2001, Executive Director Sales Marketing and Business Planning Delphi South America 2000-2001; Plant Manager subsequently Director of Operations 1996-1998. During 1983 -1996 Sandra held various technical managerial roles at General Motors and Cami Automotive in Canada. 

Current assignments: No other assignments.

Education: M. Sc. in Management from Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. B. Sc. Hons. in Metallurgical Engineering from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada.

Shareholding in Opus Group AB: 0.

Number of share options in Opus Group AB: 0