In for the AGM 2010

Nomination Committee

At the AGM on May 27, 2009, it was decided that there shall be a Nomination Committee for the preparation and submission of proposals to the shareholders of the company relating to:
– Election of Board members, Chairman of the Board and, where applicable, auditors
– Election of chairman at the AGM
– Decisions on directors’ fees, divided between the chairman, other Board members and any remuneration for committee work, as well as on audit fees
– Decision on rules for the Nomination Committee for the next AGM

The proposals shall be included in the notice to the AGM and published on the company’s website.

The Nomination Committee shall consist of five members whereof one member shall be the Chairman of the Board, while other members, each, shall represent four of the five largest shareholders in terms of votes. If any shareholder waives his right to appoint a representative, the shareholder who then is the largest shareholder in terms of votes shall appoint one representative. The names of the four owner representatives and the names of the shareholders they represent shall be published on the company’s website within six months before the AGM. The shareholders’ representatives shall elect the Chairman of the Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee’s term of office extends until a new committee is appointed. The majority of the committee’s members shall not be members of the Board and a Board member shall not be the Chairman of the committee. In connection with the Nomination Committee fulfilling its mission, the rules in accordance with the Swedish Corporate Governance Code shall act as guidelines for the committee’s work.

If a member leaves the committee before its work is completed, then the owner that appointed the member, has the right to appoint a new representative.

If a significant change occurs in the ownership structure and a shareholder, which after this significant ownership change becomes one of the five largest shareholders, expresses the desire to be part of the committee, the Nomination Committee shall offer the shareholder a seat in the committee by either deciding that this shareholder shall replace the shareholder that after the ownership change becomes the smallest shareholder in terms of votes in the committee, or decide to increase the committee by an additional member, with a maximum of six members.

The above rules regarding the Nomination Committee shall be valid until the Annual General Meeting decides otherwise.


Nomination Committee in for the AGM 2010

Appointed members of Opus Nomination Committee are:
– Göran Nordlund, as Chairman of the Board in Opus
– Jörgen Hentschel, representing AB Kommandoran
– Lothar Geilen, representing himself
– Martin Jonasson, representing the Second AP Fund
– Bengt Belfrage, representing Nordea Funds

Martin Jonasson was elected Chairman of the Committee.

The Nomination Committee has been appointed in accordance with the guidelines set by the AGM 2009. The Nomination Committee represents about 35 percent of the votes of all the voting shares in the company.

Opus Annual General Meeting will be held on May 26, 2010, at 19:00 CET, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to Opus Nomination Committee shall submit those by April 12, 2010, at the latest, by email to (subject “Nomination Committee”), or by mail to: Opus Prodox AB, Att. Tomas Jonson, Bäckstensgatan 11C, SE-431 49 Mölndal, Sweden (subject “Nomination Committee”)

Opus Prodox AB (publ)

For further information, contact:
Tomas Jonson, CFO, tel. +46 31 748 34 98, +46 765 25 84 98, email.
Göran Nordlund, Chairman of the Board, tel. +46 704 33 13 20, email.




The Nomination Committee’s Proposals for the AGM 2010

For the Nomination Committee’s proposals for the AGM 2010, see the attached file

The Nomination Committee’s proposals
The Nomination Committee’s
proposals for the AGM 2010