Imagine a world in which cars that are dangerous for use in traffic have disappeared from the roads, and exhaust emissions have been reduced. A world where death tolls from road traffic are decreasing and the air in the megacities is breathable. Thanks to systematic efforts to improve road safety, including compulsory vehicle inspections, this has been achieved in many parts of the industrialized world.

40 years of vehicle inspections

For more than 40 years, companies within the Opus Group have actively contributed to a safer and cleaner world. From the start as small innovation companies in the U.S. and Sweden, we have developed into one of the world’s 10 largest actors within vehicle safety and environmental inspections with more than 25 million inspections per year.

Making difference globally

In the same way that we have contributed to safer vehicles and improved air quality in USA and Europe, we are now helping the developing countries to cope with their challenges within traffic safety and environment. Thanks to our long experience from extensive inspection programs, forefront technology and own development resources, we know we can make a difference. Watch the movie the Opus Way, where former Opus´ CEO Magnus Greko explains how >>