Listen to CEO Magnus Greko explaining the Opus Way.


The Opus Way

This is our DNA – our company culture and our attitude towards customers,
partners and colleagues.

Safe & Clean The Opus Way

Safe & Clean describes what all our products and services are aimed at; safer vehicles and cleaner air. But it also constitutes our DNA – our company culture and our attitude towards customers, partners and colleagues.

Safe & Clean

Customer focus

We work for our customers, whether they are a car owner at the inspection station or a government using our services and expertise. Their demands rule our activities, and the more we know about and can fulfill their needs, the more competitive we become.

Some examples

  • Working hard to build and maintain good relations with our governmental customers
  • We provide the customers impartial guidance and advice in their vehicle ownership
  • Offering voluntary tests in addition to compulsory inspections.
  • 48-hour inspection appointment guarantee enables customers to find an inspection time at Opus Bilprovning (Sweden).
  • Customer service app assists with managing your vehicle fleet. (Sweden)
Safe & Clean

Operational excellence

Efficient methods, productive equipment and a lean organization give us a strong competitive edge. This means we can be more productive, deliver faster and spend our time doing the right things for our customers. Or in other words; maximize our resources and know-how.

Some examples

  • Opus Group AB is certified according to the quality system ISO 9001.
  • Opus Inspection Inc. and Opus Bilprovning AB are certified according to the environmental management system ISO 14000.
  • Opus Bilprovning AB is accredited according to the quality system ISO 17020 class AB for the operation of bodies performing inspections (where required).
Safe & Clean

Innovative technologies

Innovation is part of our DNA and a key success factor. Our in-house innovation capabilities and resources make us unique on the vehicle inspection market. Thanks to the Group’s development departments, we can push for new standards and stay one step ahead of our competitors when it comes to IT solutions, testing methods and equipment.

Some examples

  • Remote Sensing Technology measures emissions from vehicles passing by.
  • Vehicle Inspection Database stores all inspection data and creates reports for the authorities.
  • We offer industry leading vehicle tamper and inspection fraud prevention and detection via proprietary, patented software algorithms and parameter mapping.
  • The patented Opus Tamper Terminator™ detects emission control systems that have been manipulated in order for a car harmful to the environment to pass its inspection.
Safe & Clean