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Opus Bilprovning has a competitive position with approximately 30 percent market share in Sweden.

Opus Bilprovning

Opus Bilprovning

Opus Bilprovning has a broad range comprising mandatory and voluntary services in emission and safety testing aimed at both light and heavy vehicles.

The mandatory service offering consists of all regulated vehicle inspections specified by the Swedish Transport Agency and includes periodic vehicle inspection, re-inspection and registration inspection. The vehicles subject to periodic vehicle inspection are cars, motorcycles, trucks, trailers, buses, travel trailers and motor homes. The total number of mandatory vehicle inspections was about 1.7 million in 2014 and accounted for about 95.9 percent of Vehicle Inspection Sweden’s sales.

Periodic vehicle inspection forms the core of the business and meets all governmental requirements to ensure that the vehicle is safe, both for other road users and for the environment. A periodic vehicle inspection is conducted by certified inspection personnel and comprises both internal and external inspection, controls and measurements. Passenger cars accounted for 77.5 percent of the number of periodic inspections in 2014 (both vehicle inspection and follow-up inspections). Other vehicle categories are motorcycles, light and heavy trucks, light and heavy trailers, buses, travel trailers, motor homes and mopeds.

Voluntary offer

The voluntary service offer consists of non-regulated services, and includes quality control services and customized services. Company customers using the voluntary services include trucking companies, auto repair shops, car manufacturers, car dealerships as well as bus and taxi companies.


Opus Bilprovning’s customers consist of private individuals, businesses and government agencies that own vehicles registered in Sweden or vehicles registered abroad that must undergo registration inspection. Mandatory and optional service and products are sold to the owners of most types of vehicles.

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